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How Can You Avoid Paying Hundreds of Dollars in Vet Bills? Three Facts

Cost for vet office visit

Did you know that cats usually hate water because their fur poorly insulates them when it’s wet? One exception is the Turkish Van cat, bred in central Asia. Its fur has a unique, water resistant texture. Once you have a pet, whether it’s a cat, a dog or a ferret, you have an obligation to take care of that pet as best as you can. For this reason it is important to schedule your pet for regular veterinarian exams. Here are three things you should know about going to the vet.

1. Good Care is Preventative Care

Did you know that in 2013 so far, pet owners have spent over $1,000 on average when their pet became seriously ill? Part of making sure your pet does not develop serious issues is taking them to the vet on a regular basis. The signs of impending illness you will fail to recogni

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