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What is an Animal Emergency Care Specialist?

Pet owners are responsible for keeping their pets happy and healthy. When a pet has a medical emergency, its owners often can’t wait for a vet appointment. In this YouTube video, viewers learn what happens at animal emergency hospitals.

The video is narrated by an experienced veterinarian who explains why she loves doing her job. She stated she savors the variety; every animal brings a different situation for her to help.

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There is a team of veterinarians there who are specialists. If an animal has a bone injury and the veterinarian needs more information, she can ask the veterinary orthopedist for help.

Some of the pets that come to the animal emergency hospital have problems that are quickly resolved and are sent home in a few hours. Other animals must be kept at the animal hospital overnight. The narrator revealed that the team of doctors reviewed the care of all the animals kept overnight. The team helps each other to plan for these animals’ ongoing care.

The narrator also revealed that most animals who visit the emergency hospital will need intravenous fluids. IV fluids can deliver medication, raise blood pressure, replace lost electrolytes, and reverse shock. The video ended by encouraging pet owners to bring their pets to animal emergency hospitals whenever they need emergency care.