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Checking Your Pets Vital Signs 101

If you are concerned that your dog might have an emergency, checking their vital signs will help you determine whether you need to take them to the vet or an emergency pet clinic. The first dog checkup you need to do is get the capillary refill time or CRT.

The CRT measures how long it takes for a drop of blood to return to normal after being pressed by a finger.

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This test can give you information about the health of your pet’s skin and mucous membranes.

You should also measure the pet’s rectal temperature. The best way to get the most accurate reading is to place the thermometer in the center of the rectum. Also, ensure that your pet has a regular breathing pattern. You can use a stethoscope to listen to the chest area of your pet. If you hear wheezing, rales, crackles, and other sounds that may indicate respiratory problems, then contact your vet immediately.

Lastly, check the hydration level. If your pet is dehydrated, it may have sunken eyes, a dry mouth, and reduced urination. You can also tell whether your pet is hydrated if their gums are soft and spongy.