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How Can You Make Vet Visits a Better Experience for Your Pet? Three Tips

Cost for vet office visit

Did you know that the most expensive cat ever was named Little Nicky, who sold for $50,000? He was a clone of an older, beloved cat. It’s no secret that pet owners will go to great lengths to ensure the welfare of their feline and canine friends. It’s important to take your animal to the veterinarian on a regular basis. Vets do everything from monitoring for signs of trouble, to advising you on creating more healthy routines for your pet. Here are three things you should know about vet visits.

1. How to Reduce the Stress for Your Pet

As you probably know from experience, few animals appreciate the vet visit. It can be very stressful for cats and dogs alike. To prepare, Animal Planet recommends establishing a pre-vet routine. Handle your animal as the vet would; even if you d

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