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3 Facts You Might Not Know About Taking Care of Your Fur Friend

Healthcare for pets

Did you know that about 40% of households in the U.S. have a dog? It?s no surprise that pets have an important role in our lives. They are often seen as ?the friend that will never leave.? Consequently, we tend to care for them as we would for children (and unlike children, pets never forget to do their homework!).

Taking care of a pet is a constant learning experience, so here are a few things you might not even know about taking care of your beloved fur friend.

1. Spaying and Neutering Isn?t a Bad Thing

Many people express doubt about whether spaying or neutering their pet is a good idea. However, there are numerous benefits. For one, you won?t be contributing to the shelter problem in the U.S. — millions of pets, both cats and dogs, must live out their lives apart from f

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