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Veterinarian prices for the thrifty

If you’re a person who is at all similar to me in regards to their vet services, then you know that you need to save a dime whenever you can on those veterinarian prices! Veterinarian prices can become completely ridiculous when your animals health problems start to rise in number and compound each other, so the first thing to remember when you’re trying to keep your veterinarian prices low is that an ounce of the good old prevention is worth a pound of the costly cure.

Feed your animal quality foods, take them out for regular exercise, brush their teeth occasionally, give them lots of love and attention, and check them regularly for ticks. If you keep your animal from experiencing some of the common preventable ailments, you will find that you are able to keep your personal veterinarian prices lower than those of the poor chap down the street!

Another way to save on veterinarian prices is to put down your sick animals on your own. It is not pleasant, and no one wants to do it, but if you simply must save on the high veterinarian prices you pay to have your pet put to sleep, that is one way to make sure the job is done cheaply.

One thing I am willing to pay veterinarian prices for is spaying and neutering. Although you do have to pay the veterinarian prices, you save on the food prices, the medicine prices, and the headaches that come from having a ton of unwanted animals around!

Another thing that is worth the veterinarian prices is equine toe nail trimming. A horse that doesn’t get enough time walking and running to wear down those hooves will cost you a lot more in those high veterinarian prices in the future if you don’t trim them once in a while!

Vet prices are a secondary concern

The thing about vet prices is that you can not be too focused on them. If you are anything like me, your pet is a big important part of your life, and you would not let vet prices stand in the way of keeping them healthy, even if you had to make a few sacrifices in your life.

You need quality health care for your pet, so, sometimes you’re going to have to go to a doctor whose vet prices are a little higher than the vet down the street, but it is worth it. When you pay higher vet prices, you get a higher quality of service, a higher cleanliness, and a higher sense of confidence when your beloved pet goes under the knife. Don’t think of the vet prices, think of your pet being happy and healthy again.

My pet monitor lizard Plankton is one of my best friends. I would never allow a specialist’s higher vet prices keep me from getting him the herpetological care when he has an ingrown claw, or a tooth ache. No wonder my specialist has been charging me higher lizard vet prices lately: the last time I brought Plankton in for a tooth problem, the doctor did not use quite enough anesthetic, and Plankton tried to bite his hand! My vet prices are never going to come down after that.

My dog is a whole other story. I have a five year old Alsatian and Dachsund mix named Clastrop who I have been taking to the same vet for his whole life. He has almost always been very healthy, but you know I had to pay those vet prices when he was hit by my brother in law’s motorcycle as Clastrop barreled after him when he left after his last visit! Now he knows to behave himself.

So, be prepared to have to pay those vet prices once in a while, and be prepared to pay for quality!