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Canine Cataract Treatments

One thing that all dog owners have in common is the responsibility of making sure their pets are healthy. Dogs share unconditional love with their guardian that is returned by healthy food, time and engaging activities and exercises. However, dogs may still experience some health complications like canine cataract disease. Canine cataract disease is a health condition that develops in a dog’s eye, or even in both eyes. Many dogs are able to continue living a healthy life with canine cataract disease without any complications, but most will require treatment and even canine cataract surgery.

Unfortunately some dogs experience canine cataract disease that inhibits their quality of life. It’s important for people to make sure their dogs are in no way suffering from canine cataract disease that inhibits their quality of life. There are some canine cataract treatments that are available that involve medication if the canine cataract is caused by diabetes. In order to determine what type of canine cataract treatment is right for a dog, people are highly encouraged to speak with a veterinary ophthalmologist. A veterinary ophthalmologist is a type of pet doctor that specializes in the eye health of animals and can diagnose a canine cataract.

Canine cataract diseases that are caught early may possibly be fixed without the use of surgery. A veterinary ophthalmologist carefully examines and develops a solution for all types of eye diseases found in animals case by case. What surprises most dog lovers is the same solutions that are used to treat cataracts in humans are actually the same procedures that are used for dogs. Special eye drops are prescribed by veterinary ophthalmologists if early detection is possible. However, in some cases, dogs experiencing progressed stages of cataracts will require surgery.

A veterinary ophthalmologist will make recommendations to whether or not eye surgery is needed depending on the dog’s vision and the quality of life a dog is experiencing. Eye surgery for canine cataract disease is required when a dog is suffering from extremely poor vision and a poor quality of life. Some dogs may even go blind if left untreated. Those who are lucky enough to catch this eye disease in its early stages have many options available to them that don’t require surgery. In other words, it’s extremely important for dog lovers to pay attention to the health of their dogs.