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DIY Indoor Dog Kennel

In this video, you will learn about custom made dog kennels. The steps to build a custom indoor dog kennel are outlined in this video. You’ll start by measuring the space you are working with.

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You want to make sure your dog has enough room in the kennel to be comfortable. Since this particular kennel is designed to be inside, it is crucial that all things are considered. You’ll start with some two-by-four planks of wood, and use those to be the frame. Next, you are going to attach cut pieces of wood alongside the bottom to attach to the frame. These are going to hold up the bottom of the kennel, so you want to make sure they are attached and sturdy. You can attach wood by using adhesive wood glue. Most wood glue doesn’t take more than a few minutes to cure, but it is always a good idea to make sure the glue is holding up before you move on. Since the fixture is going to be used by an animal, you want to make sure you sand all of the wood down so your dog does not get any splinters from it. You do not need all of the power tools shown in the video, but a variety of them would be good to get you started.