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Dog Waste Stations Can Encourage People to Pick Up After Their Pets

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The long walks in the park are simply not as enjoyable as they used to be. What was once a beautiful park that where you could walk with your neighbors in the morning, has now taken on a new complication. In places where your children used to run through the grass barefoot, the amount of dog poop left unpicked up has made walking with even shoes messy. Although the neighborhood association has published that they will start fining pet owners who do not pick up their dog’s waste, the problem seems to be getting worse, not better. Even the addition of doggy poop bag stations has not seem to have lead to any improvements.
The best pet owners never need anyone to remind them the importance of doggy poop bags, but there will always be that hand full of owners who are as careless about their dog’s waste as they are about the care for their own homes and their own yards. These are the owners who always take their dog for a walk in the neighborhood because they simply cannot be bothered with picking up the waste that would otherwise accumulate in their own yard. Although these careless owners may be in the minority, it is important to remember that even one dog owner who does not pick up after a pet is causing a problem for an entire neighborhood full of people who are no longer able to enjoy their public green spaces.
Consider some to these facts about pet owners and the reasons that they need to make sure that they use doggy poop bags and other dog poop removal services to make sure that both individual yards an entire neighborhood parks are still attractive:

  • Doggy waste stations can be an important step in making sure that parks remain attractive and functional.
  • 37% to 47% of all households in the U. S. have a dog.
  • 23 million fecal coliform bacteria are included in a single gram of dog feces.
  • Nearly every major city has at least one dog park, according to a 2016 report from the Trust for Public Lands.
  • Dogs defecate twice a day on average, which can amount to 14 piles of feces in a single week.
  • Fines as high as $750 are being imposed on pet owners who do not pick up their dog’s waste.

If you no longer enjoy your neighborhood park, it is essential that the oversight of these places continues to improve. Responsible pet owners understand the importance of leaving a place in a clean and safe condition, often achieved by always making sure that you have doggy poop bags along for your walks.