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Find the Right Lafayette Veterinarian for Your Pet

Finding a pet clinic with a veterinarian who has the training and experience in the type of animal you own is extremely important. When you get a new pet, you should locate a lafayette veterinarian right away before an emergency happens. All veterinarians receive training in the general care of cats and dogs. It is not hard to find a lafayette veterinarian that can provide the loving care that you want for your puppy or kitten. However, it is far more difficult to locate a veterinary clinic with a lafayette veterinarian trained in the care and health of birds.

Bird owners often have to travel a good distance to find a vet specialized in avian care. If you cannot locate a lafayette veterinarian who specializes in the health and care of birds, check with other bird owners to see if they have recommendations for avian veterinary services. If you take other pets to a local lafayette veterinarian, check with him to see if he can recommend a vet specialized in avian care. Another option is to check online for avian veterinarians and for avian clubs listed for the entire state. Bird club administrators are always happy to provide information about avian vets who are responsible and experienced in the care of birds.

If you have an emergency and cannot get to an avian vet, take your bird to your local lafayette veterinarian. Without avian medical knowledge, a vet could give the wrong diagnosis. However, he can discuss the problem over the phone with an avian vet to get the proper care. Most vets and vet assistants do not have training in the methods for confining a bird for an examination. It is best if you hold your bird for the lafayette veterinarian while he does the examination. Birds stress easily, and when they are sick or injured their stress increases. Without the proper training, they could cause the bird additional stress and injuries. Additionally, if they do not know the correct techniques, they could be badly bitten or scratched.

Find a lafayette veterinarian or a vet from another location that specializes in avian health. If an emergency happens, you will be prepared and have the contact you need. Being prepared reduces the normal stress associated with emergencies. When a bird gets sick or injured, you have to act fast, or it may be too late.