How Well Do You Take Care Of Your Pets?

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How well do you take care of your pets? The United States is a massive country and nowhere is that more evident than the sheer number of pets owned in the country. From dogs to cats to more unconventional options like ferrets or birds, domesticated animals are deeply ingrained in the fabric of American culture. Pet health is frequently at the forefront of people’s minds as a result and requires a conscientious and proactive nature. Below are some tips concerning common illnesses and how you can keep your pet healthy all days of the year.

Did You Know?

Think you know about pet care? Studies have shown over 380 million animals owned in the United States, compared to only 300 million humans! To look at it another way, that’s 63% of all American households and 40% that have more than one pet. Less popular but no less beloved pets include pot-bellied pigs, ferrets, parrots and bearded dragons. According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are more than 70 million feral and stray cats roaming the streets on a daily basis.

Owning A Dog

From the large German Shepard to the tiny Chihuahua, dogs have always been popular for their temperament and appearance. The average yearly cost of owning a dog is around $1,135, though this number fluctuates depending on the breed and general health of the animal. Over 46 million households own a dog, with plenty having more than one. Puppies between the ages of eight and 12 weeks old need four meals a day — when your dog reaches their first birthday, one meal a day is generally considered sufficient.

Owning A Cat

Now how about cats? It’s estimated 38 million households own at least one cat, making this the second most popular choice in the country by a landslide. While cats can be more aloof than many dogs, they still require consistent love and attention to remain happy. One study involving over 200 community members saw pet owners exhibiting greater self-esteem, general physical health and less loneliness compared to those that did not own pets. Animals have long since been analyzed by psychologists for their positive impact on the emotional and mental health of the owners.

Common Health Issues

Taking care of your pets is a day-to-day endeavor. Just like humans they can be susceptible to minor issues like colds and severe problems like hip pain and heart conditions. Periodontal disease is the number one most common clinical condition facing adult dogs and cats today, with most pets having experienced this at least once by the time they’re three years old. Taking care of your animals is essential to ensure they maintain a consistent quality of life. Visiting the animal hospital at least once per year can pinpoint many issues before they start.

Taking Good Care Of Your Pets

Over eight million pets end up in American shelters year after year. While these reasons vary from moving to an apartment that doesn’t accept pets to a lack of compatibility with a new family member, some can no longer take care of their animals due to health reasons — this has lead to awareness campaigns and the emergence of new shelters in an attempt to reduce these numbers. Cat and dog owners reported that the top five services and products provided at vet clinics are physical examinations, vaccinations, lab tests, medications and tick products. However, 20% of cat owners and 30% of dog owners said they had a difficult time affording a veterinarian. Budgeting, avoiding common missteps and staying attentive toward your furry friend will go a long way in keeping them happy.