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Important Facts About Gravestones For Pets

Headstones for pets

Headstones for pets make meaningful gifts if you know a person who has recently had to put down one of the 78 million pet dogs or more than 86 million pet cats in this nation. Pet grave markers and pet stones will be needed at some point for the about one out of every three homes in the United States that own one cat or more. Since most cat owners have at least two cats, and since more than 50 percent of cat owning households have multiple felines, gravestones for pets are a business that has grown considerably in recent years.

While it is sad to think about gravestones for pets as a growing industry, the reality is that this is a good thing. More pets with gravestones means there are more animal owners out there that really care about their pet. These figures suggest that there are more people taking in cats or dogs and domesticating them. This also includes a general increase in bird ownership, lizard ownership, fish ownership and exotic pet ownership. Showing care and respect for your pet once it has passed away should be a priority as that pet ages.

The dignity and solemnity of gravestones for pets shows that you thought of your pet as more than just an animal you kept inside. In fact, gravestones for pets show that you thought of your pet as a fellow member of the family. Most people choose to bury a pet in the back yard, with gravestones for pets that show the love that family has for their departed animals. There were more than $52.87 billion spent in the American pet care industry during 2011. This figure includes gravestones for pets.

Personalizing a gravestone for your pet can go in one of several ways. You might choose to include a symbol of the animal that has passed. You can put the name of your fallen animal on the stone. You can have each child in the household inscribe their own personal message showing their feelings for their pet that has passed away. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to visit a quality gravestone service. These are reliable services that will make certain to get the details right on your pet gravestones. They can also help you set the gravestone in your yard or wherever else you plan to lay your pet to rest once it has passed away.