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Leaving Your Dog at Home During Vacation Is it Safe?

Almost every dog parent has trouble leaving their furry friend home while going on vacation. This predicament has caused airlines to invent certain areas for pets on flights. However, this is not an option for everyone, or they simply don’t want to go through the hassle of potentially making their dog drowsy to prevent flight stress. Additionally, many dog parents send their dogs to board and training facilities with trusted reputations in dog care. Still, some opt to leave their dog in their home to prevent the dog’s potential stress of being kept somewhere new.

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In order to do this safely, this video provides several tips to leave your dog home during vacation, and still keep them safe and healthy.

It’s an excellent idea to have the person caring for your dog meet them before you leave. This way they can become acquainted in a comfortable environment and your dog will be less likely to be stressed when the new person comes to feed them. Be sure to leave your caretaker very clear instructions on everything your dog needs. It is also a good idea to leave solutions to potential problems the caretaker may run into with your furry companion.