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Parabens, Sulfates And Alcohol What Could Be In Your Dog’s Shampoo?

All natural pet shampoo

Have you considered a hot spot treatment for dogs? While going to the spa and getting a series of massage and pedicures is a relaxing vacation for humans, dogs are pretty fond of a pamper session, too! These do the dual benefit of putting your pet in a good mood as well as tackling common irritants, such as dry skin or fleas, that could be wreaking unseen havoc on your pet’s fur and skin. Creating one at home is as easy as buying a few quality, all natural shampoos and anti-pest oils. Let’s take a look at what these treatments have to offer your furry friend and what you should know about allergies, skin conditions and chemicals.

Did You Know?

Quality pet care has always been in high demand in the West. Taking care of a dog or cat is a big responsibility, after all, and many businesses work night and day to provide effective services and products to pet owners across the country. The year 2015 alone saw over $60 billion spent on pets, with another $6 billion spent on pet grooming, walking and boarding. There are entire businesses dedicated to the art of babysitting and walking pets, particularly in big cities where there are plenty of busy people!

Skin Disorders And Allergies

Pets are more like us than we think! Common skin conditions, like psoriasis and seasonal allergies, can affect dogs and cats and leave them unhealthy and unhappy if not treated. There are over 160 different skin disorders for dogs alone, with some even creating chronic difficulties if not tackled in its early stages. As for allergies, these can affect up to half of all American dogs and three major allergens are the cause of many a problem for owners and dogs alike. Pollen or dust, fleas and specific foods are huge problems for canines and can be some of the most common, and frustrating, allergens around. If your dog seems lethargic or has a dry nose, that could be the sign of a larger problem!

Fleas And Pests

Did you know estimates show at least 40% of all dogs are affected by flea allergies? You’d think the biting and itching would be enough! While it can be tempting to find preventative measures, fleas are incredibly common occurences and are rather hard to avoid. There are certain shampoos that can potentially deter these pesky pests, but be careful they don’t also contain chemicals that are harmful to your pet! A hot spot treatment for dogs will do the complex work of getting to the root of the problem while cleansing their fur and making them gleam all over.

Everyday Health Tips

There are little things you can do for your dog to keep them in ship-shape no matter the season. To start off, most pets should have their nails trimmed every two to three weeks. Dogs that frequently walk on rough surfaces, such as pavement, may need less frequent trimming due to the natural wear-and-tear. Finding a natural pet shampoo free of harsh chemicals and dyes, such as parabens and sulfate, will keep them both healthy and beautiful. While some products market themselves as an all natural pet shampoo, it’s essential you read the ingredients list to be sure!

Pamper Your Pet

Now how about creating your very own hot spot treatment for dogs? Natural pet products, from food to oils to shampoo, go a long way in making your dog feel good and stay healthy throughout the month. You can buy a tub and a few quality products to create your own hot spot treatment for dogs at home or you can seek out a quality pet store once per month. Pets considered to be seniors, at 12 years or older, may find this trip stressful and should be circumvented in favor of a relaxing and quiet scrub at home. Your dog is one of your most loving and loyal friends, so give them the quality attention they deserve and dedicate a spot on your calendar to making them shine!