Switching Your Pup To Healthy Dog Treats

Many of us are trying to focus on eating healthier these days. We are eating more vegetables, fruits, lean protein and whole grains. For many people, this healthy eating style extends to their pets as well. Pet food suppliers are offering all sorts of natural dog foods and healthy dog treats for your growing puppy these days, and it is certainly worth looking into switching your dog’s food to something with less preservatives and additives. You do not want to give your dog a bunch of chemical as a treat when they are behaving well; you want to give your pet healthy dog treats that you can both love. Healthy dog treats are not all that different from what you would feed a human, and if you really wanted to taste what your dog is eating these treats are healthy for you as well. However, the taste cannot necessarily be recommended!

A great example of healthy dog treats is dehydrated chicken snacks. These chicken strips frequently come with added glucosamine to help your dog’s joints, or additional B vitamins and healthy fats to keep your dog’s coat soft and shiny. Your pet will love the taste of these healthy dog treats, and you will love how healthy your pet is. You can see a pretty immediate change in their level of energy and activity when you switch your dog to natural dog food and healthy dog treats, and you want your pet to live forever so these are important changes to take note of.

Another great example of easy healthy dog treats that you probably already have in your kitchen is bananas and peanut butter. Just as bananas and peanut butter are healthy for humans, they are healthy for your pet as well. The peanut butter provides a great source of healthy fats for your dog, and the banana provides potassium which helps your furry friend stay hydrated. So the next time you are making a peanut butter banana sandwich, feel free to give your dog a little bite. Just be sure to put it in their dog bowl so they do not start begging at the table.

Before switching your dog’s food or treats, you always want to check with your veterinarian or a vet tech at your local office beforehand. Even though you are trying to switch your pup to healthy dog treats, the vet may have some suggestions as to which brands or types of treats would be most beneficial for your dog. Your vet will likely be excited that you are trying to take such good care of your dog, and they may be able to get you discounts through one of the companies that they order from.