The Most Frequently Overlooked Pet Care Essentials

Spaying a cat

We all know to give our pets good belly rubs every once in a while and to take them to the vet regularly — but is that really all there is to pet healthcare?

Here are some important wellness essentials you may have forgotten about!

  • Spay and Neuter
    Yes, we’ve all heard about how important it is to spay and neuter your pets, but when it comes down to it, many people either forget, neglect to schedule an appointment, or simply feel too bad for their pets. Don’t — the spay and neuter process will give you pet a better quality of life in the long run!
  • Dental Care for Pets
    You brush your own teeth, don’t you? Do you brush your pet’s? Even though most vet clinics explain the importance of animal tooth-brushing, 65% of owners still don’t do it. Fido can’t exactly brush his own teeth, and you can reach 90% of a dog’s tooth surface just by brushing alone — no floss required!
  • Dietary Allergies
    Most of us feel like we’re pretty in tune with our pets, but they still can’t always tell us exactly what’s wrong with them. Animals can have food allergies, just like people do: for dogs, 66% of allergies come from wheat, beef, or dairy. If your pup is having trouble with diet or food, visit a dog vet clinic to have him tested for allergies.
  • Heartworm
    All it takes is one mosquito bite for your pet to contract heartworm. It’s been found in all 50 states and throughout all times of the year. Symptoms may include a cough, decreased appetite and weight loss, and easy fatigue. Get your animals protected before they venture outside to play.

Animal owners know that pets are a part of the family — and they should get the same level of healthcare as the humans in your household do! Every time you visit the dentist, make sure your dog does too. Keep a regular schedule of vaccinations, and always watch your pet for sudden changes in behavior. After all, they can only speak to us through their actions and affections. Keep your pets healthy and active their whole lives with thorough medical care. References.