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What Vaccinations Does Your New Cat Need?

Bringing a new cat into the family is one of the most exciting things you can do. Pets bring people closer together, and a cat is an excellent option for families looking for less responsibilities than those of owning a dog. Once you have decided on which new kitty to bring home, it is crucial that you don’t forget about their medical care. Get in touch with your nearest vet clinic and make sure that they offer cat vaccination services for your new feline friend. So, which vaccinations does your cat need, and how can you prepare them for it? In this video, we will get a brief intro on what you need to know about cat vaccinations.

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Cat vaccines are pretty much exactly the same as human vaccinations, only in that they work to prevent diseases more commonly found in the feline world. Cat vaccines are necessary not only for your cat to be enrolled in training classes or daycares, but also simply to keep your cat immune to the common illnesses that can harm them. The most common cat vaccinations are for leukemia, and are recommended to young and old cats alike.