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What Horse Owners Need to Know About Equine Infectious Anemia Virus

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Equine Infectious Anemia Virus (EIAV) is a potentially fatal disease affecting horse, donkey, and mule populations. The virus continues to plague equine owner and veterinary diagnostics companies alike as no vaccine or cure is yet available. EIAV also causes anemia and inflammation that can damage vital organs. In addition, secondary infections such as pneumonia may occur due to the resulting immunosuppression caused by the virus. Affected horses can die from secondary infections or the virus itself.

Most horses are inapparent carriers, meaning the

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3 Facts You Might Not Know About Taking Care of Your Fur Friend

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Did you know that about 40% of households in the U.S. have a dog? It?s no surprise that pets have an important role in our lives. They are often seen as ?the friend that will never leave.? Consequently, we tend to care for them as we would for children (and unlike children, pets never forget to do their homework!).

Taking care of a pet is a constant learning experience, so here are a few things you might not even know about taking care of your beloved fur friend.

1. Spaying and Neutering Isn?t a Bad Thing

Many people express doubt about whether spaying or neutering their pet is a good idea. However, there are numerous benefits. For one, you won?t be contributing to the shelter problem in the U.S. — millions of pets, both cats and dogs, must live out their lives apart from f

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Parabens, Sulfates And Alcohol What Could Be In Your Dog’s Shampoo?

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Have you considered a hot spot treatment for dogs? While going to the spa and getting a series of massage and pedicures is a relaxing vacation for humans, dogs are pretty fond of a pamper session, too! These do the dual benefit of putting your pet in a good mood as well as tackling common irritants, such as dry skin or fleas, that could be wreaking unseen havoc on your pet’s fur and skin. Creating one at home is as easy as buying a few quality, all natural shampoos and anti-pest oils. Let’s take a look at what these treatments have to offer your furry friend and what you should know about allergies, skin conditions and chemicals.

Did You Know?

Quality pet care has always been in high demand in the West. Taking care of a dog or cat is a big responsibility, after all, and ma

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Puppy Love How Dating Has Changed for Humans and Dogs Alike

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Looking around at our planet, we can see the shared similarities between humans and a number of animal species. Although we would like to think of ourselves as a social species, to say such is to neglect the fact that a number of animal species socialize with one another as well. While other animals may socialize, certainly the notion of love is unique to humans, right? Zoologists have observed that there are several species of animals that pair up and mate for life including otters, beavers, wolves, foxes, and swans among a few others. Regardless of whether or not this can be called love, the digital age has certainly ushered in a new realm of dating for people and even some animals.

How Dating Has Changed

Over the past several years, online dating has seen a 57% increase as mor

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