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3 Products to Ease Discomfort For Your Dog

Being a dog parent means loving your dog like family. It means caring for them in every way you can and making sure they have a great life. A dog parent does not want their dog to feel discomfort and wants them to be as healthy and fit as possible. This care and love comes into play all the time, even when choosing what supplies to buy for them.

If you are this kind of dog parent, there are products out there that you need to be using with your pup (or pups). Back on Track offers wonderful items that ease pressure on joints and help keep your dog comfortable and moving. Whether they are struggling with arthritis or are young and in tip-top shape, these three wonderful therapy products for dogs are a must for your fur baby!

1. Therapeutic Pet Bed

A good pet bed will make a difference not only in your dog’s overall comfort, but his health and wellness. Back on Track’s comfy and therapeutic pet mat beds offer joint support and can help soothe muscle soreness. Help your dog achieve deep, rejuvenating sleep with this awesome product and consider pairing it with a therapeutic mattress pad liner.

2. Leg Wraps

These leg wraps are wonderful for a pet with arthritis or a playful pup. They soothe muscles, joints, and tendons and fit comfortably to your dog’s like so as not to limit movement. This support brace is ideal for both injury recovery and prevention.

3. Therapeutic Dog Coats

In both mesh and polyester materials, these coats can help to increase blood circulation and possibly reduce inflammation in your dog. They are easily adjustable and have spaces for your dogs leash and tail.

Functionality Meets Care

Back on Track combines functional, easy to use designs with state of the art therapeutic care to provide your dog with the best possible experience. From their therapeutic pet mat to their coats and wraps, they provide pup parents with the best in innovative pet supplies. Try these therapy dog products out on your fur baby and see the difference they can make!