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Do You Love Your Pet? No Matter the Cost?

Vet visit cost

93% of pet owners say that they would risk their own lives for their pets, and yet when it comes to bringing our animals to the vet we can hold off on a checkup or a certain procedure despite all the love we have for them. The fact is that a vet office visit cost can be higher than you are prepared to accommodate, and this creates a conflict between giving our animals the care they need, and having enough money to pay for everything else.

In 2011, 13.41 billion dollars was spent on veterinary care in America. A vet office visit cost is not what it was ten years ago. Veterinary prices are on the rise, with the cost for vet visits rising 67.2 percent from 2001 to 2011. When faced with this reality it can be a comfort to know that there are at least three ways that you could potentially lower those costs, and not have to decide between the health of your wallet, and the health of your furry friends.

1. Get insurance.

If you choose to get insurance for your pets, the cost for vet office visits could be dramatically reduced. There are many companies that offer vet insurance, so be sure to read customer reviews to get an idea of the quality of the insurance company. Most vet insurance will not cover preexisting conditions, but in the event of an emergency the insurance will be worth it.

2. Try a low cost or mobile animal clinic.

Look for low cost clinics with qualified and certified veterinarians, or mobile animal clinics in your area. These alternatives to traditional veterinary clinics can save you a lot on the vet visit price that you would normally have to pay.

3. Get financing.

In the first year of ownership, the average cost of owning a cat can be between 900 and 1,500 dollars. For owning a dog, that average cost is between 400 and 800 dollars. These average costs drop in subsequent years, but still remain in the hundreds of dollars ranges. To help take the sting out of a vet visit cost, there are some veterinarians that might allow for payments to be made in installments. Additionally, there are no or low interest credit cards specifically for healthcare needs, including a vet office visit cost or procedure.

Regular checkups, vaccinations, treatment for injuries or illnesses, and emergency care are all important when you own a pet, but so is not breaking the bank. Try one or more of these three recommendations so that you can continue to provide quality care to your pet, despite rising vet costs.