Gluten Free Dog Treats

How to make dog treats

Did you know that the oldest dog on record was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey who lived 29 years and 5 months? In human years, that is more than 160 years old. Dogs are really amazing creatures. They can smell about 1,000 times better than humans; while humans have 5 million smell detecting cells, dogs have more than 220 million. Furthermore, dogs know their owners by their smell, whether or not they’re showered and have used scent, or they are just back from the gym. Dogs are also very astute; 80 percent of all dog owners report that their dog can sense their mood.

However, did you know that some dogs actually have gluten allergies? If your dog is allergic to gluten, you’ll need to gluten free dog treats. Sometimes these gluten free dog treats are known as wheat free dog treats. Of course, you can purchase these treats but you might also consider looking into homemade dog biscuits or homemade dog treats. Overall, these are easy dog treats, as while as healthy dog treats. Overall, feeding your dog right is important; you want him or her to live a long and happy life. If your dog has gluten allergy, make sure you feed him or her gluten free dog treats.