Veterinarian prices and the oil crisis

Veterinarian prices, like everything else, are, unfortunately, presently on the rise. One reason that I believe is the cause for this rise in prices, and not just the veterinarian prices, but all prices, is the currently intensifying global oil crisis. As the amount of oil continues to drop, our awareness of this rises, and so does the value of oil. We use oil in the production of so many important products, and not only that! Even if there is no petroleum used in the production of a product, you still need to use gasoline to get it from one place to all the other places it is needed! It’s no wonder that all prices, including veterinarian prices are on the rise.

Veterinarian prices are going to continue to rise as the doctors are having to pay more for their medicine because it has to be shipped in, more for their heating oil to make sure their animals are warm enough, and more for their employees because of their rising costs to get to work. I don’t see these veterinarian prices dropping any time soon.

If a doctor wanted to counteract the rise of veterinarian prices, they could begin to offer incentive programs, like, neuter a dog and spay a cat for half price. Even with high veterinarian prices, the customer knows how to recognize a good bargain. Pay full price for a calf birthing, and get an abscess lanced on your hog for ten percent off. The veterinarian prices may rise, but that does not have to stop the doctors from offering the right value to their customers and their customers’ pets.

One thing is for sure, even though veterinarian prices will continue to rise, animals will still get sick, and the free market will reach an equilibrium that allows the doctors to continue offering their services.