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What You Should Know About Pet Grooming And General Animal Care Here In The United States

From grooming for doggies to regular vet visits to cultivating a proper diet, owning a dog in the United States comes with a good deal of responsibility. However, dog ownership is incredibly popular, and the vast majority of all households own at least one pet, with up to 44% of them having at least one dog, if not even more than one, as has become commonplace for many a household all throughout the country. In fact, the United States alone has a truly incredible 75 million dogs owned throughout the country, which means that this is the country with more dogs and dog owners than truly anywhere else in the world, something that is quite impressive indeed.

Taking good care of your dog or dogs is a must, and will help to ensure that they lead long and very happy lives. For many people, dogs are such a beloved member of the family that they are even allowed to sleep in the bed (as is true for about 45% of all dog owners throughout the country, very nearly half). Aside from providing a good deal of love and affection, dog owners should also be providing a proper diet.

Dogs will have different dietary needs over the course of their lives, with different types of dogs varying quite dramatically in what they need to eat as well. And the average puppy will certainly need to eat more than your typical fully grown dog. As a matter of fact, the average puppy should be fed up to four times throughout the day, at least between the ages of eight weeks and 12 weeks. Grown dogs are fed much less frequently.

Keeping your dog cool and hydrated during summer months is a must as well, as dogs do not sweat. Because of this, they instead pant to release heat, and are likely to take as many as 400 breaths in just one minute when they are panting. Therefore, you must provide your dog with a good deal of water and access to shade, if at all possible, when the temperatures climb high. Letting your dog relax and cool off will be essential to protecting their overall health during the summer months.

Consulting a dog groomer for grooming for doggies can also help to keep them cool, as grooming for doggies can release a great deal of the fur that has become built up on their bodies. Grooming for doggies at reputable and experienced dog grooming companies can be ideal for the maintenance of their fur as well. For some dogs, fur that is not routinely cared for through services providing grooming for doggies will likely become matted, dirty, and likely quite heavy indeed. Therefore, paying the extra cost of a service providing grooming for doggies can be hugely beneficial at the end of the day.

Of course, providing care and companionship for them while you go to work is hugely beneficial as well. While some dogs tend to be okay when left on their own for relatively small periods of time (such as over the course of the average work day), others will struggle with this, and might do better at kennels and dog boarding centers, where services like grooming for doggies might actually also be provided. Even if services like grooming for doggies is not readily provided, the socialization with other dogs and attention from handlers that these centers can provide can be hugely beneficial to the overall health and happiness of the dog in question.

However, it’s very important to choose the right place to put your dog, following a number of qualifications and standards. For instance, the number of dogs should be balanced with the number of handlers on staff at any given time. In fact, an indoor kennel should have one handler for every ten or so dogs, while outdoor settings can have more dogs, with a total of 15 dogs for every one handler. Sticking to these ratios will be incredibly helpful for keeping the dogs safe and happy during their time at any given kennel, as well as given the attention and affection that they need.